Investigación en torno a las Tecnologías de la Información y de las Comunicaciones en el enfoque Aprendizaje Integrado de Contenidos y Lenguas Extranjeras (AICLE)

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Salvador Montaner- Villalba
Ana M. Gimeno- Sanz


Learning English through Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) has become popular due to the increasing implementation of Information and Communications Technologies (ICT). This issue offers diverse empiric research and various pedagogical practices combining ICT and CLIL. Gimeno-Sanz explores CLILStore, a multilingual dictionary interface, authoring tool and materials repository. Bellés-Fortuño and Bellés-Calvera analyse written competence in English in History of Classical World through Google My Maps. Montaner-Villalba focuses on blogging as a tool to enhance EFL written competence in Geography. Piquer, Morgado and Zverinoa examine two interdisciplinary approaches within the CLIL approach to design open educational resources (OER). Pérez Agustín and Mortimore analyse the advantages of implementing story-telling techniques through StoryJumper. Lastly, García-Laborda and Kassemi Serrouk contribute a critical review of the book The Changing Face of ESP in Today’s Classroom and Workplace.


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