Employee Innovative Work Behaviour and Change Management steps in Telecom Sector of Pakistan: The role of Employee well-being in change Management.

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Abdul Hameed Qureshi
Yasir Yaqoob
Abdur Rub Khan


The aim of the research was to access the relationship between employee innovative work behaviour and the change management model in the telecom sector of Pakistan. Employee innovative work behaviour is an integral part of change management since it helps the organization introduce the required changes and facilitate its populace efficiently. Moreover, employee innovative work behaviour provides the coupled benefit of facilitating ease to its users and improving the knowledge flow from the government to its users. The data was collected through the primary quantitative method and the data was collected from the 300 employee that works in the telecommunication sector. The results of the research state that employee innovative work behaviour has a weak relationship with unfreezing variable and the change process along with that EIWB tends to influence the unfreezing variable positively as well as significantly and EIWB tends to influence the freezing variable negatively.


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Qureshi, A. H., Yaqoob, Y., & Khan, A. R. (2024). Employee Innovative Work Behaviour and Change Management steps in Telecom Sector of Pakistan: The role of Employee well-being in change Management. UCJC Business and Society Review (formerly Known As Universia Business Review), 21(80). Recuperado a partir de https://journals.ucjc.edu/ubr/article/view/4611
Special Issue: Electronic Commerce Research and Applications
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Abdul Hameed Qureshi, Riphah School of Leadership, Riphah University G-7 Campus Islamabad.

Abdul Hameed is working with Telecom Regulator as Deputy Director and graduated in Business Administration from Quaid-e-Azam School of Management Sciences, Islamabad, Pakistan.  Currently, He is pursuing M.Phil from Riphah International University, Islamabad, Pakistan. His areas of research is digital technology, e-commerce, business models and management.

Yasir Yaqoob, Director HR, Pakistan Telecommunication Authority, Islamabad, Pakistan

Yasir Yaqoob is a seasoned Human Resources professional with a proven track record of leadership and excellence in the field. He is serving as a Director HR at Pakistan Telecommunication Authority, Islamabad, Pakistan. He holds ACIPD, MA (HRM), LLB (Hons), BSc (Hons), GDL from well reputed universities and expertise in areas such as employee relations, talent acquisition, workforce planning, and organizational development.A well respected and versatile professional who blends strong Human Resource Management and Organizational Development experience with a background in Business Management. Yasir is a highly commercial oriented HR professional coupled with an international background. He has an exceptional ability to understand business needs and build rapport with employees.

Abdur Rub Khan, Pakistan Telecommunication Authority, Islamabad, Pakistan

Abdur Rub Khan is an associate of the Institute of Cost and Management accountant of Pakistan besides being Member of Pakistan institute of Public Finance Accountant, Institute of Chartered Accountant of Pakistan, Institute of Chartered Secretaries of Pakistan and The Institute of Internal Auditors. Presently serving telecom sector of Pakistan alongside regulator of this industry. He served one of the leading Gas generation company. His diversified experience also comprises serving one of the leading accounting firms in Islamabad. He has vast experience of auditing various organizations in different sectors including telecommunication, electric supply, E&P sector, housing, distribution, pharma etc. He also possesses valuable reputation for his expertise in the public sector. He has worked for various NGOs and business houses in his career as a person responsible for arranging finances, management support and other related issues to resolve problems occurring in the development and implementation of various projects and programmes in the field of emergencies, development and provision of livelihood access and support.