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Jamshid Ali Turi
Sergey Evgenevich Barykin
Abul Basher
Andrey Zaytsev  


Good governance ensures sustained development. Good governance in operations and projects for sustained progression and development is a mark of good governments and organizations. In this article, the concept of good governance has been discussed from different perspectives. A multi-method qualitative approach was adopted to comprehend the construct in-depth. A thorough systematic literature review approach was adopted in the first phase, and internationally reputed journals were targeted for literature synthesis. In the second phase, in-depth interviews were conducted. The interview's thematic analysis and a word cloud were developed using NVIVO11 software. Additionally, data was collected using a check sheet regarding good governance from the Project Management Professionals (PMPs) to add to the phenomenon of interest. The study found that the literature is silent on governance issues in the developmental sector and demands extensive research to develop a project governance framework aligned with project context and culture. This study also proposed Good Global Governance (3G) embeddedness in developmental projects for sustained development.


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ULLAH, S., Ali Turi, J., Evgenevich Barykin, S., Basher, A., & Zaytsev  , A. (2024). GOOD GOVERNANCE THROUGH SUSTAINED DEVELOPMENTAL PROJECTS. UCJC Business and Society Review (formerly Known As Universia Business Review), 21(80). Recuperado a partir de
Special Issue: Electronic Commerce Research and Applications